A personal website... Is it worth?

June 10, 2017
Ervis Drekaj
Ervis Drekaj
You’ve probably heard the phrase “It’s about who you know” when it comes to looking for new opportunities. Though there is truth to that, today this isn’t fully the case. This is because social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn have helped bring strangers together and sometimes allowed them to cultivate new business relationships. This is where personal branding comes into play though because if you don’t have a brand, most people will pass you by.

It’s about who you’re socially connected with, not just who you know.

Personal branding helps people who don’t know you get a better impression of you. When personal branding is done right, new audiences will associate you with messages that you communicate to them.

​Messages such as marketing expert, technological visionary, or even comedic social commentator can be gained by purposeful personal branding. And this is important to invest your time into because most people won’t spend their personal time researching your entire background.

The Popularity of Personal Websites

Today’s workforce is evolving quickly and leaving many people behind. When the recession gripped the country millions of people lost their jobs and not all have climbed back from that event. Those that did were the best in class and needed to take extraordinary measures to have their resumes stand out against the rest.

The most advanced job candidates didn’t just rely on resumes though. Instead, they used modern technology to supplement their professional profiles and one of the most effective ways they did so was by creating personal websites.

A major reason why personal websites saw a great rise is because the software needed to create one advanced tremendously. No longer do you need to know how to code or be proficient in HTML to launch a website.

Minimal-dashboard-sites (like what we develop at weDoWeb), allow users to create bold websites that stand out and are very easy to update and manage. The cost of having your own site have also become much more affordable than in years past.

The Benefits of a Personal Website

When you have a personal website, it says to others that you are a creative individual and are technologically advanced. Often times professional resumes and networking sites don’t always allow users to show their creativity. Having a personal website though gives you an opportunity to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

A personal website shows you’re serious about what you do since it’s independent and separate from your job, and that you’re not just interested in a job for the salary.

Plus, 56% of hiring managers think a personal website is the most impressive branding tool. And since only 7% of job seekers have them, by launching a personal brand site, it really could be the most effective way to land your next job. More people are learning this though so the time to create your site is now before more and more people develop their own.

Personal websites also give you control to promote whatever message you want to spread about yourself. Job applications don’t really give you this luxury since they are standardized forms that all look the same.
Branding sites also give you a chance to write blog posts where you can comment on topical issues. This is important because if you do have a site, you should want it to seem topical and relevant, not static and lifeless....